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Things to consider when shopping for custom picture framing


1. Know your style

Give your framer a little info on what else you have in your home or space where the art is going to hang. Do you prefer a modern and clean look, more traditional or an eclectic mix?

2. Be Opinionated, but also open-minded

We know you came here for our advice, but the first thing we will likely ask you is if you had anything in mind for the piece. We really want to know your ideas. We might agree or we might push you to go a little farther and imagine something even greater than you initially thought. It’s a collaboration.

3. Consider the space

Your art can be dressed up or dressed down. Something going in the kitchen would be framed differently than the same piece going over the fireplace. Do you want to make a big statement or play it cool?

4. Celebrate diversity

Sometimes people ask us for a black frame only because every other frame in the room is black. Trust us. They won’t notice that all your frames are the same colour. People will notice how amazing your art looks with the perfect frame in the perfect colour. Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

5. You learnt it all in art class 101

Line, shape, colour and texture are the fundamentals of art and the things we’re identifying in your piece to make frame suggestions. The right frame will highlight one or more of these aspects. We’re going for that “It looks like it was made just for this piece of art” moment.

6. Size matters

Part of our job is making sure the frame is strong enough to support everything going inside of it. Don’t get upset if your tiny thin frame dreams are crushed. We just want everything to be safe and last a long time on your wall because….

7. Good framing lasts a lifetime… or even longer

What we’re framing today will very likely be an heirloom for your kids or grand-kids. We always recommend the best preservation museum quality mat boards and UV protective glass. You wouldn’t be framing it if it wasn’t important to you, so let’s take the best care possible.

8. Find the love that lasts a lifetime

If we’ve narrowed down the design to a couple options and you can’t decide which frame to go with, remember you will be looking at this piece every day. Go with the frame that will bring you joy and make your heart sing instead of just go “meh”.

9. Budget

We’ll always show you what we think works best with the art first. If it doesn’t fit your budget, we can adjust the design. Keep in mind that you’re going to be looking at this art for a long time. Going with what you really love can actually save money since you won’t want to re-frame it down the road.

10. Congratulate yourself

How often in life do you get to buy a product that’s completely custom-made? You’re not getting a cookie-cutter mass produced thing. You’re buying a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted item. Skilled hands are going to take care and make sure it’s done just so. Enjoy the moment. You deserve it.